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Can You Place A Gas Barbecue On A Wooden Deck?

The desire to grill happens almost at the same time as the sunny days are rising and precisely, you want to buy a barbecue to welcome your family and friends in a friendly atmosphere. However, the only outdoor space you have is a wooden deck. Is it suitable to accommodate such material? Here are some details you should think about made by pro deck builders.


Regulated Use


It may surprise more than one, but there are regions, towns, or villages that regulate the use of barbecue. This is not the case everywhere, but there are indeed places where certain constraints exist, and these rules can also apply as well as the device used in a garden, a balcony, or a deck. So, before you start buying a barbecue, do some research!


Most deck companies ask for information on the subject from your town hall and / or your condominium. If no particular rule has been established, its occasional use should not cause you any concern. Otherwise, you just have to comply with the established rules.


Gas Barbecue and A Wooden Deck: A Good Match?


Have you ever wondered if it is normal to have a gas cooker in the middle of your all-wood kitchen? The answer is probably no. Yet it’s similar to wondering if a gas barbecue can fit on a wooden deck.


So, can you place a gas barbecue on a wooden deck? The answer is yes. Yes, because no particular security problem has been identified in this regard. Yes, because manufacturers have stepped up to design designer barbecues to forget the large bulky mass that was occasionally used for grilling. Yes, too, because the deck is the ideal place to enjoy the good weather and cook without isolating yourself from your loved ones.


In no case do we claim that the risks are non-existent? There are many risks inherent in using a gas barbecue on a wooden deck (or elsewhere). But there isn’t much more than when you use a gas stove in a wooden kitchen.


Some Precautions To Take


If you have followed everything, you now understand that you can use a gas barbecue on your wooden deck. This does not exempt you from taking preventive measures because at deck builder companies when we talk about barbecue, we are talking about fire and rather intense heat. It is, therefore, natural to put in place customary precautions for its use.


  • Ideally, if you could create strong and stable support where your barbecue could sit, that would be great. Some professionals design them, much like the support of a stove.
  • Having a water supply nearby would also be nice, just in case.
  • Likewise, keep the device away from anything dense vegetation if a hedge and especially dry vegetation limit your deck.
  • If a few boards on your deck move, place the barbecue where it is perfectly stable. If you didn’t find enough space for him, it would be better to permanently change location (or deckā€¦).


Finally, this is not a precaution but just common sense: do not let a child use the barbecue without the assistance of an adult.


Acquire A Quality Barbecue


But for maximum security, you must also think about acquiring a quality device. There is no question of going broke for this purchase. It doesn’t even mean that you necessarily spend 5000 dollars to buy the latest model even if you could afford it. It’s just about buying a barbecue that’s not going to let go and cause an accident in the middle of a party.


For this, pay attention to the materials of manufacture. Remember to check the sturdiness of the stand and make sure that the device offers maximum stability.