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How to Clean a Cedar fence – The Easy Way!

Cedar fences are a beautiful addition to any backyard. Not only do they look great, but they also help keep your yard clean and organized. However, cleaning a Cedar fence can be a bit of a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this easy guide that will show you how to clean a Cedar fence in just minutes!

What you need to know about cleaning a Cedar fenceMan Wearing a Cap Smiling

First and foremost, you’ll need a Cedar fence cleaning machine. This will help you clean the fence quickly and easily. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fence, but it’s not as effective as the Cedar fence cleaning machine. It’s important to use a detergent specifically designed for cedar fences. Cedar fences are very porous, so they will absorb the detergent and make the job much easier.

How to clean a Cedar fence using these steps

  • Step 1: Start by gathering all of the necessary materials. You will need a plunger, water, soap, and a mop.
  • Step 2: Pour some water onto the plunger and wet the cedar fence.
  • Step 3: Use the soap to clean the areas that have been affected by rain or dirt.
  • Step 4: Finally, use the mop to clean the cedar fence’s remaining dirt and debris.

Tips for keeping your Cedar fence clean

    • Start by taking off all the leaves and debris on the fence.
    • Use a mild soap to clean all of the dirt, roots, and branches on the fence.
    • Rinse off any stains that may have been made from rain or sweat.
    • Add a little water to the soap and start scrubbing at the dirt, roots, and branches for a few minutes until everything is clean.
    • Give the Cedar fence a final rinse with water if needed.

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7 Ways To Renovate Your Bathroom Without Doing Any Works

Many times, renovating your bathroom can be impractical due to the dirt it raises or because you always have to be monitoring that everything is in order.

However, you can renovate your bathroom and make it a completely new space with a few changes that will not require much work.

Next, we bring you a list of 7 changes you can make in your bathroom to give it a new touch.

 A color change

The first thing that you could consider in bathrooms is to give it a new look with a change in the walls.

If you have tiles, you can use special paint to make them look new.

If not, you can put the space between the tiles to make it a flat surface and use a special wallpaper for wet spaces.

In this way, you will have managed to make a big change without the need to break any wall.

Quality is in the details

It is impressive what difference bathrooms can make by only changing the accessories that are placed in them.

In addition to this, you can take advantage of the space (in case you do not have much) to use accessories with double functions.

Give nature space

Adding certain spaces designated solely for the incorporation of plants or terrariums can be a great option when renovating your bathroom.

Nowadays, the incorporation of vertical gardens is in vogue, which takes advantage of the space and gives a lot of beauty and naturalness to your environment.

Modernize the drains

This is another detail that can generate a very important change in the shower environment.

In the new trends, you can change the classic drainage for a linear one, and if you prefer a classic one, you can choose a new color.

In addition to making a simple change, you would be giving an air of novelty to space where you shower.

Be an expert in storage space

You can make a quite remarkable change with the counter or sink cabinet that you have in bathrooms.

If you need a change, you can choose one that has all the attributes that the new counters have.

The limit of sophistication is up to you!

New taps

The one in your house may already be a bit outdated, so you can take advantage of the occasion (and the ease of replacement) to choose a faucet that is more in tune with the environment you want to achieve in bathrooms.

Currently, there are options for all tastes: taps in an organic shape, marked angles, open spout, or even with LED lighting.

Give your bathroom more light

You can give it spaciousness and modernize the environment with new lighting.

If you don’t want to make any changes, you can use the same hole where your bulbs are to use them recessed (which take up less space and illuminate better).

If you are willing, you can also choose covered led lighting on the sides of the ceiling.

Another option to take into account is the amount of furniture for the bathroom that already offers its own lighting, and that can be more useful if you do not want to modify anything on the ceiling of the bathrooms.

If you want to share another way you can renovate your bathroom, you can share it with us. Tell us what you think!

Can You Place A Gas Barbecue On A Wooden Deck?

The desire to grill happens almost at the same time as the sunny days are rising and precisely, you want to buy a barbecue to welcome your family and friends in a friendly atmosphere. However, the only outdoor space you have is a wooden deck. Is it suitable to accommodate such material? Here are some details you should think about made by pro deck builders.


Regulated Use


It may surprise more than one, but there are regions, towns, or villages that regulate the use of barbecue. This is not the case everywhere, but there are indeed places where certain constraints exist, and these rules can also apply as well as the device used in a garden, a balcony, or a deck. So, before you start buying a barbecue, do some research!


Most deck companies ask for information on the subject from your town hall and / or your condominium. If no particular rule has been established, its occasional use should not cause you any concern. Otherwise, you just have to comply with the established rules.


Gas Barbecue and A Wooden Deck: A Good Match?


Have you ever wondered if it is normal to have a gas cooker in the middle of your all-wood kitchen? The answer is probably no. Yet it’s similar to wondering if a gas barbecue can fit on a wooden deck.


So, can you place a gas barbecue on a wooden deck? The answer is yes. Yes, because no particular security problem has been identified in this regard. Yes, because manufacturers have stepped up to design designer barbecues to forget the large bulky mass that was occasionally used for grilling. Yes, too, because the deck is the ideal place to enjoy the good weather and cook without isolating yourself from your loved ones.


In no case do we claim that the risks are non-existent? There are many risks inherent in using a gas barbecue on a wooden deck (or elsewhere). But there isn’t much more than when you use a gas stove in a wooden kitchen.


Some Precautions To Take


If you have followed everything, you now understand that you can use a gas barbecue on your wooden deck. This does not exempt you from taking preventive measures because at deck builder companies when we talk about barbecue, we are talking about fire and rather intense heat. It is, therefore, natural to put in place customary precautions for its use.


  • Ideally, if you could create strong and stable support where your barbecue could sit, that would be great. Some professionals design them, much like the support of a stove.
  • Having a water supply nearby would also be nice, just in case.
  • Likewise, keep the device away from anything dense vegetation if a hedge and especially dry vegetation limit your deck.
  • If a few boards on your deck move, place the barbecue where it is perfectly stable. If you didn’t find enough space for him, it would be better to permanently change location (or deck…).


Finally, this is not a precaution but just common sense: do not let a child use the barbecue without the assistance of an adult.


Acquire A Quality Barbecue


But for maximum security, you must also think about acquiring a quality device. There is no question of going broke for this purchase. It doesn’t even mean that you necessarily spend 5000 dollars to buy the latest model even if you could afford it. It’s just about buying a barbecue that’s not going to let go and cause an accident in the middle of a party.


For this, pay attention to the materials of manufacture. Remember to check the sturdiness of the stand and make sure that the device offers maximum stability.

This Summer, Enjoy The Exteriors Of Your Home Like Never Before

Balconies, terraces and gardens are, these summer days, the best shelters to enjoy relaxing moments, naps on hot days, breakfasts in the sun, reading times in the shade or nighttime moments in which to enjoy calm in good company. But how do you get the most out of them?


Make the most of your balcony


Forced to live in small apartments , the exteriors that most have are reduced to a simple balcony. The noise, pollution and the glances of neighbors or passersby, end up making these spaces go to waste in most cases, however, no matter how small your balcony is, you do not have to give it up.


To start, the main thing is to clear the space and get rid of everything that is left over. It is also recommended, if you have not done it recently, repairing the space: painting the walls , removing the rust from the railing and painting it, and even covering the floor with wood or painting the tiles. Other simpler actions are to place a bamboo trellis on the railing, to give the balcony some privacy. Awnings will also help you achieve this goal and allow you to stay cooler.


Achieving a comfortable and functional space involves adapting the decoration to the available space and the use you want to give the balcony (reading or work place, corner for gatherings, small dining room …), always taking into account the direction of the sun at the time to place the elements.


The choice of furniture will obviously depend on the space available. Thus, in small places you should opt for small furniture: a small table with a couple of chairs or stackable stools are enough to achieve a small cozy corner . Depending on the width, you can always add a small sofa, a large cushion or a pouf on one of the sides.


For those who have a tiny balcony, the solution is folding furniture: a couple of chairs and a folding table anchored to the balcony are enough and only take up space when you are going to use them.


Finally, you can complete the decoration with fresh and light textiles, in bright and cheerful colors, ideal for good weather. Plants or flowers and candles cannot be missing. An ecological and practical option are solar lights and lamps that light up at night without wasting energy. Hanging candles and lamps do not take up space and are very attractive at night.


The best terrace for the summer


As with the balcony, the first step to enjoying the space is to condition it: clean and fix minor damage, paint the walls, remove rust from the railings and grilles, unclog drains and solve any problem of coatings, floors or lighting. With just this, you will make your terrace look different. If you want more changes, you can choose to put wooden tiles or artificial grass .


To gain privacy, awnings, umbrellas, dividers, plastic or bamboo meshes can help you protect this space from the eyes of neighbors and curious.


When it comes to choosing the furniture, the normal thing is to opt for the typical dining room set consisting, at least, of a table and chairs. Another classic element of the terraces, whenever the community allows it, are the barbecues: standing, table or work, they always triumph with visits. If space allows, you can place an outdoor waitress (which can be foldable) and thus achieve extra space at mealtime.


If it is a large terrace, the sun loungers, sofas or rocking chairs will provide you with the deserved rest. Although, for the most comfortable, there is the option of the hammock: comfortable and does not take up much space.


Whether your intention is to relax and sunbathe, or if you prefer to use the terrace to enjoy meals, it is recommended that you be protected from the sun. Awnings, umbrellas or pergolas ensure this. The choice depends on the space, the climate and the use you are going to give it.


If you still have a hole, you can reserve space for the storage of garden tools, hose, barbecue items, children’s toys … Ideally, opt for weather resistant PVC cabinets or trunks. Although, if you can, another option is the wooden huts, which offer much more capacity.


As for accessories, giving a personal touch to your terrace can be simple: flowers and plants are very useful (vines also provide privacy). These, combined with colored brass, ceramic or plastic pots, give joy and color. On the other hand, textiles and candles can also help you personalize the space.


Lighting can be the ultimate factor in giving a new look to your terrace. Solar lamps, garlands of lights, torches and even floating candles are a great idea to accompany night evenings.


The perfect garden


If you have a garden you are very lucky, however you also know that it is much more slave, and you have to constantly condition it if you want to enjoy it: fixing the lawn , fertilizing it, cutting it and watering it is very important to avoid greater evils.


Also check the flooring, especially if you have a pool: repair cracks, breaks or possible water leaks. Clean the pool, replace sliding tiles with others that prevent slipping … any gesture that, in addition to beautifying, is extra security.


Ensuring that the separation fences are placed so that they cannot penetrate or see what is happening in the garden will provide you with security and privacy .


Once the area is conditioned, you must take into account the decoration of it: place small stones around the trees or on the way to the door of the house, plant flowers of all kinds that provide color or place shrubs that decorate and give privacy .


As for the furniture, the usual thing is that there are several differentiated areas: the relaxation area , with loungers, hammocks, sofas or armchairs, which allow you to enjoy a few moments of tranquility, and whose matching textiles provide color and comfort to the space; and the meeting area, with the set of table and chairs, around which all meetings revolve. The set can be made of wood, wrought iron, raffia, plastic or metal … the point is to choose the one that allows you to combine style and durability.


A mobile, tabletop or built-in barbecue will delight locals and others, and an outdoor waitress, cabinets and / or shelves, will provide storage space. The size and quantity of furniture will depend on the available space, although you should avoid overloading your exteriors with furniture to be able to circulate through the passageways with ease.


Lighting can range from floating candles, lanterns and torches to solar lamps or spotlights. The important thing is that you have well lit all the “conflict” areas such as the perimeter of the pool , the dining area or the places where you have tools.


In terms of decoration, you can find a multitude of elements that will give warmth and personality to the garden: plants, vases, pots, textiles, flower arrangements, fountains, and even statues, they can be great allies. The important thing is that you feel comfortable.

5 Reasons To Furnish Your Home On Sale

The sales have been accompanying us this holiday for a long time, surely you have also sunk your teeth into a discounted product and renewed your wardrobe, but have you thought about taking advantage of the sales to furnish and decorate your home ? There are many reasons to do it!

Neither summer nor winter

Above all, when it comes to furniture, there are no seasons, since they serve you the same for all seasons. In this way, you can benefit from both the summer and winter sales.

Start again with desire

Everybody dreads September because it is the time when young and old have to get busy going back to work or school; But, in the same way that putting on a new outfit on the first day of work makes a special illusion, renovating a part of your house can also help you take it in a better mood.

No rush

If holidays have something, it is that they give you a lot of free time and you can use it to choose well how the furniture you want is. Take measurements, analyze the style of your home, read decoration articles and be inspired to find the ideal piece at the perfect price.

Basic and essential

Just like when you buy clothes, sales are the best time to get those simple pieces that you always have to have at home. Go for bedding in soft colors and the simplest home textile, because it is also the most elegant!

Treat yourself

The sales are also the ideal time to get that most expensive piece taking advantage of an incredible discount. You will never find it cheaper! Take the step and get that vintage furniture that you are passionate about or, simply, update your kitchen with a shiny new battery.