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Is TCM a No Cure No Pay Collection Agency?

No Cure No Pay collection agency

The incassobureau No Cure No Pay principle ensures that a service provider gets paid only when it delivers the expected results. It prevents misunderstandings and offers welcome security to customers. Debt collection is a very complex and expensive activity. The no cure no pay method is perfectly justified in this context, based as it is on contingency fees. This method is recognized by law (LOF 80) and extremely well supervised by the economy ministry. Banning it in amicable debt collection would drive up costs and channel more work to the tribunals, which are already overflowing – to the detriment of many consumers, small-scale traders and the public taxpayer, to finance the Justice Ministry’s bailiffs.

Is TCM a No Cure No Pay collection agency?

TCM does not charge a subscription or a minimum volume. We only take a fee if we collect your debt.