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Magic Mushroom Dispensary Canada

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms are illegal in Canada. But a few storefronts are popping up, selling the hallucinogenic drug in a grey area similar to what happened with cannabis before it was legalized.

One Vancouver man has been running a mushroom shop in the heart of downtown for a few years now and says he hasn’t faced any trouble from law enforcement, which is focusing on more pressing issues such as organized crime and the opioid crisis. He’s been able to operate despite the fact that the City of Vancouver is challenging his business license. Go here

The city is set to hear arguments this week from the owners of a chain called Fun Guyz, who say they are setting up a legal framework to regulate the sale of psilocybin and other drugs like peyote, ayahuasca and kratom. The motion, which has the support of four Green councillors, would direct city staff to look at bylaws, licensing and zoning around stores that sell substances that are currently legal only through health-care providers for therapeutic purposes.

Stories of Transformation: Personal Testimonials from Visitors of Canadian Magic Mushroom Dispensaries

A lawyer who specializes in drug policy says there are a number of factors that may affect whether police decide to crack down on the mushroom shops, including noise complaints or reports of selling to minors. But he says it’s a big shift to move from criminal law to a regulatory regime and he sees similarities between what’s happening with the psychedelic market now and the cannabis movement before marijuana was legalized.