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4 Common Home Decor Mistakes

For many, the internet is the dream bridge to connect with a new world of decorative possibilities: thousands and thousands of ideas at your fingertips, easy and ready to apply in your home. However, inexperience and excess enthusiasm can lead you to make big mistakes, which will bring you much more than a headache. Discover the four commons that you can commit in home decoration .


1. Not being careful with colors


It is very common to fall into the error that the colors you like are all terrain . Analyze very well how and where you will use your favorite color . In defense of your economy, think that a resounding change in color is a move, often dangerous, that can harm you doubly, when in a few months you want to return to that classic white color of your walls, which combined with all your things.


2. Not having a vision of the future


If you are not one of those who can afford to redecorate your home year after year, you should think ahead, and one of the best examples is the nursery. Toddler themed decorations are pretty, but when they grow up, how much will you need to spend modifying it? Use all possible tricks to make the transition of the child’s room simple, subtle and economical.


3. Buy plants that you will not take care of


No one can deny the decorative power of plants , but can you keep them and spend time with them? If the answer is no, don’t waste your money. Opt only for strong plants with little watering. Artificial plants? Be careful: they are few and of excellent quality.


4. Pay the price of being fashionable


Every year you can find, on the internet and in decoration magazines, advice and recommendations on furniture and decorative objects that will be all the rage. In them you can see fantastic photos of dream rooms, with the latest and greatest, and then you are filled with enthusiasm. Be careful, not everything that is fashionable will look good in your house or be useful to you. Analyze very well before investing money in a fashionable object, which in a few weeks will be forgotten in the storage room.