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How enduring has project management been encompassing?

Focused woman working at desk on laptop in studioIn an article titled, “Project Management: A Brief History” author John N. Williams discusses the point that project management is in fact not new but came into existence in 1940 when two individuals by the name of Henry Gantt and Irving J. Ellis first coined its use – This was almost 60 years ago! During these past 60 years, never has there been such an increased need for project managers as companies strive to enhance their technology skills while keeping up with continuously changing technologies’ market trends. This further emphasizes the importance of project management within current business environments as we continue to move forward toward future technological advances and endeavors.

How enduring has information system sponsorship been encompassing?

In a study titled, “Illuminating Information System Sponsorship: A Test of the Sponsor’s Contingency Model” author C. Edward Davis discusses how different types of information system sponsors can lead to unique consequences attributed to said sponsorship leading to differences in results between the various types of sponsors.

Crop businesspeople making deal during workdayHow enduring has social media become encompassing? In an article titled, “The Role of Social Media in the Project Management Profession” author Yair Maman discusses how social media is intertwined within and throughout project management industries it is now considered a vital aspect for companies in today’s global economy. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and blogs are just some examples used as main platforms for development and promotion within the project management industry. Both authors suggest that those interested in pursuing a career as project managers should first take into consideration the history of project management and how it became what it is today.

In an article titled, “The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK)” author Chris Bradfield discusses the basics of The Project Management Institute’s PMBOK which is a guide to aid individuals in the industry as they work toward attaining effective project management skills throughout their careers. Keeping up with this growing field can be challenging because it continues to change day-by-day, but keeping abreast of these changes can help each individual make better decisions pertaining to his or her career within project management.