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Ideas to decorate your summer house

If you are one of the lucky ones who have a second home where you can spend part of your vacation , surely you prefer that it have a different image than the main residence, to clearly differentiate the two spaces.


Before decorating the summer house you have to pay special attention to the surroundings and adapt the colors of the walls and furniture to the environment. The ideal is to bet on cool tones that enhance luminosity, such as white, stone tones or even ivory.


Be that as it may, it is recommended that the image of your summer house vary depending on its location, so you should not decorate it the same if it is in the mountains as if it is located on the beach … Discover here some tips.


A house in the mountains

If your second home is on high altitude, it is advisable to adapt the decoration to that environment and adopt a rustic style , which gives it a timeless and homely image.


Do not forget about the old decorative objects. All this in white tones, but also in yellow, earth, reddish, green and orange, to give the home that country aura you are looking for.


The beach apartment


With ideas and visits to the beach, it is normal for some water or sand to seep into the house, so it is recommended that you choose resistant floors such as marble, stoneware, ceramic or terrazzo. To complete the space, fabrics such as linen, cotton or gauze will give a fresh air to your beach house.


Take advantage of the views


When decorating a second home it is very important to take advantage of the natural light and views of the surroundings. Therefore, if any of the rooms have impressive windows, you must distribute the furniture according to these. Thus, you not only enjoy a look outside but also make the most of the entry of natural light.