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Clairvoyance – What is Clairvoyance?


Clairvoyance is the ability to see psychic energy, often manifested as pictures or visions. It is one of the major psychic abilities and allows clairvoyants to see past, present and future events. It is also a powerful tool for gaining intuitive information.

A voyance pas chère can also feel vibrations and energies that are around people. These sensations can be interpreted as gut feelings or empathy. Those with this ability can also communicate with spirit guides and angels through this sense.

If you have clairvoyant abilities, you may experience a feeling of deja vu frequently or receive messages that seem to be meant for you specifically. You may also have flashes of light, or see images that pop up in your mind’s eye spontaneously.

Clairvoyance in Popular Culture: How Movies and TV Portray Psychic Abilities

The first clairvoyant images you get are likely to be subtle and probably a bit fuzzy or unclear. To get more detailed answers, you can practice increasing your visual imagination. Try sitting in a quiet room and scanning the room with your eyes. If you come across a particular object, such as a chair or table, imagine that it is a colorful balloon with a different color on each side. When you are done scanning the room, ask for the image to grow brighter and more vivid in your mind.

It is important to understand that clairvoyance is just one of many psychic abilities and not everything you will ever be able to do or see. There are other clairvoyant skills, such as clairaudience (hearing psychic energy) and clairsentience (feeling psychic energy). If you have any doubts about your clairvoyant abilities, please consult an experienced psychic or healer for guidance.