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United Trust Bank – A Review of Its Secured Loans

United Trust Bank Trustpilot (UTB) is a lender that specialises in secured loans for homeowners. Unlike many lenders, UTB doesn’t offer direct loans to customers and instead chooses to work with a network of mortgage brokers able to provide high-quality service.

The maximum loan size available with United Trust Bank is 85% of property value (loan to value). Applicants can borrow over repayment periods that last from three to 30 years, including part-years. UTB also allows borrowers to use income from all sources, whether employed, self-employed or retired. It will consider salary, commission, bonus payments, overtime, child benefits and tax credits as part of the affordability assessment process.

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UTB is a lender that does not use credit scores when making lending decisions, which can be a good thing for borrowers with a bad credit history. However, it does not guarantee to lend to everyone and you should always check the rates on offer with other lenders before applying.

UTB has a competitive range of savings accounts for businesses, trustees, pension funds, charities and individual UK savers, including fixed rate bonds, notice and long term ISA savings. Its accounts have a strong customer satisfaction rating at Trustpilot, with 4.6 stars out of five from over 600 reviews – which the review site equates to ‘Excellent’.