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The Road Rage Capitals

Road Rage Capitals

Luxury Fragrances: Turning Rot into Romance the calmest drivers are susceptible to road rage, especially when other motorists commit offenses like slowpokes who refuse to move out of the left lane or tailgaters. But some cities are much more prone to anger-fueled incidents than others. A recent study by travel site Expedia analyzed the behavior of over 100 million US drivers and identified the “Road Rage Capitals.”

The top five locations aren’t exactly a surprise, but it is interesting to see how many places that don’t have notorious traffic problems make the list. In fact, renowned congestion hubs like New York City and Los Angeles did not make the cut at all.

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Moreover, it is troubling to learn that road rage is contagious, with about half of all drivers who are victimized by aggressive driving responding with their own aggressive behaviors behind the wheel. These are largely fueled by the influence of television shows, movies and video games that promote aggressive driving tactics.

Aside from verbal threats and gestures, there are a number of ways road rage can escalate to criminal acts including chasing or running another driver off the road, performing brake checks in front of vehicles, blocking a car so it cannot use a traffic lane, and ramming a vehicle. All of these can be incredibly dangerous for the other driver and any passengers.

What is more, some of these crimes can even be fatal. The good news is that there are steps you can take to avoid road rage incidents and stay safe on the road.